Media Lab Courses

Inventing in 3D (a da Vinci course)
Inventing in 3D is a hands-on collaborative Engineering and Media Arts course. Students will learn engineering and 3D animation skills, solve 3D design challenges, and invent and construct engineered works of art. In one semester, students will work in the Media Lab to learn the 3D animation software Cinema 4D and create 3D animated structures using engineering concepts. In the other semester, students will work in the da Vinci lab to learn engineering principles and 3D printing while building a functional machine. By combining engineering skills and 3D imaging skills, students will be able to create complex and compelling virtual and physical 3D constructions and develop visual thinking skills. Students taking Inventing in 3D as part of junior year of the da Vinci program can apply this knowledge to create a capstone project in their senior year.
Intro to Digital Imaging
Explore various digital imaging programs in the Media Lab through short projects in 3D imaging and animation, 2D art (using Photoshop), digital video, and web design. Projects will emphasize creative problem-solving within the realm of media technology and acquaint students with the basic principles of media art, design, and visual communication.
Web Design
Web Design provides students with an introduction to HTML and with instruction in the professional software Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Students work in a collaborative environment to learn visual communication skills, creative problem-solving, troubleshooting, and project management. Projects include the development of multi-page Websites with text, images, sounds, animations, and movies.
Digital Imagery: Photoshop and Flash
Digital Imagery is a studio course in which students use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Flash to learn about the visual elements and principles of design. The emphasis is on creative problem solving to develop visual expression and communication skills.
Game Design Studio
Game Design Studio is a course in which students learn the fundamentals of game design, focusing on 2D and 3D art, interactive stories, character creation, and what makes a good game. No programming experience is necessary. Student collaborate in a workshop environment to explore user-friendly 2D and 3D imaging and game design software.
3D Computer Imaging
3D Computer Imaging enables students to create still three-dimensional scenes using the program Cinema 4D. Students learn how to visualize 3D space, model 3D objects, compose surfaces and environments, and manipulate lighting and camera perspectives. The emphasis is on creative problem solving in the three-dimensional realm.
3D Computer Animation
3D Computer Animation makes full use of the animation capabilities of the 3D program Cinema 4D. Students learn basic principles of animation such as squash-and-stretch and exageration to make objects come to life. Projects include inventing imaginary machines, creating characters, and designing stage sets for the characters to move around on.
Computer Special Effects: The Magic of Movies & Games
In Computer Special Effects, students work with Cinema 4D, Final Cut Pro, and Photoshop to explore the world of special effects. Projects involve the integration of live-action video with computer-generated imagery. Students experiment with motion, light, color, and texture to create realistic and imaginary environments. Themes include visual illusion, light waves, and collisions.
Video in the Digital Age
Video in the Digital Age is a studio course in which students learn the basics of video production, from effective camera work to Final Cut Pro editing. Projects may include short fiction, documentaries, and other narratives.
Video Projects
Video Projects enables students to work independently on individual or group video projects in a studio environment.
Media Studio
Media Studio enables students to investigate a wide range of new media including 3D animation, 2D Flash animation, digital video, Photoshop, and web design. Students work on individual and/or group projects using the media of their choice. The course emphasizes ways in which different media can be creatively combined and manipulated.